Wack'em then Sack'em

About Johnny



From a very early age, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the outdoors by my Dad, Grandpa and Uncle. I was in the deer woods by the age of nine and holding a fishing pole about the time I could walk. I owe my fishing passion really to one person and that is my Uncle Clearance. He just turned 80 yrs. old this year and is still going strong. He hunted every day with a bow for the two weeks prior to opening day of firearms season and then harvested a mature buck on opening day. I feel it’s important to mention in this “about me” deal because it shows the passion for the outdoors that I have been exposed to my entire life. That same passion and respect for the outdoors has been passed down to me and I feel I have the responsibility to pass as much knowledge to my children and grandchildren as possible. I have two sons and a daughter who have all been in the woods and on the water from the time they could walk. My wife and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2016.

 I have been tournament fishing since 1995 in local circuits and clubs here in Indiana. I have held all officer positions in several different clubs throughout the years. I am currently a member of Hoosier Hawg Hunters club here in southern Indiana. In 2005 when the Basspro Shops was opened in Clarksville, Indiana, I was fortunate enough to get on the Tracker/Nitro State Team. This just added fuel to my fishing passion and as my wife says it was all downhill from here! I have been very blessed working with the great people at Basspro Shops and Tracker/Marine. I have learned a great deal about the fishing industry through my affiliation with them especially in marketing.

It all started at a local club tournament at one of my favorite lakes here in Indiana, Patoka Lake. Our club fished an all-nighter and the next morning at weigh in, as you can imagine, we were all exhausted from the 12-hour marathon. As I was filling my weigh in bag getting ready for weigh in, I looked down the row of boats of my fellow club members and noticed several guys doing the same thing. One guy was crouched down under the back of his older Ranger trying to catch water from the drain under the transom. Another group of guys was standing around watching another guy catching water out of the discharge and laughing at him for getting sprayed when the bag slipped in his hand. Yet another guy was struggling to get his weigh in bag back out of the livewell after stuffing it down in the live well to fill it up. That’s when the thought hit me that there had to be a better way to get water in that bag without going through what each of us were going through that morning. On the hour drive back home that morning, I couldn’t quit thinking about what a pain it is to fill and hold that weigh in bag and get fish out of the live well. Especially when you’re by yourself. So when I got home, instead of showering and getting some sleep after fishing all night. I went straight to my garage and started tinkering with whatever I had laying around to try and “rig” something up that would work. About 6 months later and many, many hours in the garage, The Sack Caddy™ was born!